Roles and responsibilities of reviewers

Guide for Reviewers

Please follow the instructions below


  • A reviewer should agree to review the manuscripts only in which he/she have an adequate ability in carrying out a proper evaluation in a timely way.
  • If a reviewer believes that he/she is not an expert in reviewing a manuscript, then he/she should return it to the editor immediately.
  • A Reviewer must make sure that they keep up confidentiality about manuscript they are reviewing and should not make others conscious about the details of manuscript throughout and even after the review process.
  • A Reviewer must not use any unpublished information from the manuscript for the benefit of their own or others.
  • A Reviewer must make sure that his/her personal and professional skills furnished are the exact representation of their ability.
  • A Reviewer must make sure that they are unbiased from making insulting and offensive personal comments for the manuscripts assigned.
  • A Reviewer should seek clarification from the editor if they found any conflict of interest either it may be personal, financial, intellectual, professional, religious or political
  • A Reviewer should not review the manuscript which is similar to the one they are preparing or have submitted to another publisher for consideration.
  • If there is any confirmation of plagiarism, duplicate submission to another journal, unethical research design or unnecessary disintegration of results to achieve multiple manuscript publications then reviewers are ought to comment on those.
  • A Reviewer must submit a report to the editor if they found any similarity among the manuscript under consideration and previously published paper in same or another journal.
  • Without the consent of the editor or author, a reviewer should not let others know about any unpublished information, interpretations or arguments contained in the manuscript under consideration.
  • For the effective judgment of a manuscript, a reviewer should not agree to review the manuscript of an author with whom he/she has a personal or professional relationship.