Roles and responsibilities of authors

Guide for Authors

Please follow the instructions below


  • Authors must submit their manuscripts in a brief, precise, and complete form, including a discussion on the significance of the research.
  • Authors must provide an accurate citation and reference in their submitted manuscripts so as to show a reader from where the literature has been collected. When a significant amount of literature is used from other researcher’s materials all sources must be cited properly and if required, permission must be obtained to accord with copyright laws.
  • Authors should avoid excessive division of research into numerous manuscripts for publication. Authors should not engage in unnecessary publication where two manuscripts share the same data, hypothesis, discussion points, or conclusions
  • It is unethical to submit a manuscript to any journal without disclosing the fact that a similar article has already been submitted.
  • Authors should submit a manuscript to only one journal at a time. It is unethical to submit a manuscript with similar principal research to more than one journal.
  • Authors who have contributed to the work must be acknowledged properly. Those whose contributions are significant in the concept, designing of experiments, collection of data, and interpreters/executors of the research can be listed as co-authors.
  • Authorship credits are ought to be based on extensive contributions in designing, analysis, or execution, and data interpretation, writing an article, revising the article significantly, examining and approving the final version.
  • For any person to qualify as an author he/she must be able to meet the criteria laid by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). This criterion is applicable not only to the authors of the medical field, but also to all other disciplines.
  • In some cases, the corresponding author should submit a statement indicating the contributions from each co-author.
  • Prior to manuscript submission, the corresponding author should check if all the co-authors have agreed to submit the manuscript for publication or not. Approval of all the authors is required if there is any change in the authorship after submission of manuscripts. And the same must be notified by the authors to the editor.
  • Authors should inform the editor if there is any conflict of interest at the time of submission of manuscript.
  • Funding sources for the research submitted must be clearly acknowledged.
  • Authors should not engage in plagiarizing another person’s intellectual or self-plagiarizing their own previously published work.
  • Citations are to be provided to all the works which were referred to in the production of the manuscript.
  • Authors should seek permission from the relevant publishers while reproducing figures or schematic presentations from previous publications.
  • Authors are requested to put together the data as a correct identification devoid of scientific dishonesty, plagiarized content, false or manipulated data, citation omission, multiple publications of the similar data and incorrect authorship.
  • Authors are requested not to violate the copyright law.