Article Processing Charges

Article Processing Charges


All the manuscripts submitted to Onjourn Publishers are assumed to be submitted under the open access publishing model. Being an open access publisher, we do not collect any subscription charges and allow the readers free access to all its articles. The manuscripts submitted to the journal will be peer reviewed similar way as in subscription model under the control of editorial board members. If the article is found to be acceptable for publishing in a particular journal then the author will be issued with an invoice for payment of article publishing charges. These charges are used as offset expenses for peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving. The article publishing charges for the articles accepted for publication in journals of Onjourn Publishers that are to be paid upon acceptance are

    Journal Name

  • Advances in Clinical and Translational Research
  • Case Reports and Literature Review
  • Journal of Biomedical Research and Practice
  • Journal of Clinical and Medical Gastroenterology
  • Journal of Comprehensive Cancer Research
  • Journal of General Medicine and Primary Care
  • Journal of Heart and Vascular Diseases
  • Journal of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Onjourn Healthcare
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Science

    Fee (GBP)

  • 837
  • 837
  • 764
  • 837
  • 389
  • 837
  • 327
  • 937
  • 490
  • 490
Waiving of article publication charges

If an author would like their article to be published under open access model, but cannot afford the APC, then individual fee reduction requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted a waiver in cases of genuine need. Sometimes, a complete waiver will also be provided based on if the authors are from developing nations or underdeveloped nations and funding sources availability.